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The Importance of Optimized Medication Therapy

Non-optimized medication therapy is a major issue in healthcare, leading to significant costs and adverse health outcomes. Research indicates that the annual cost of illness and death resulting from non-optimized medication therapy is estimated to be $528.4 billion, representing about 16% of total U.S. healthcare expenditures in 2016. These costs arise from various factors, including emergency department visits, hospitalizations, long-term care, and additional medical appointments and medications (Pharmacy Times, Annals of Pharmacotherapy).


End-to-End Solution

Optimizing medication regimens through risk assessment,  communication and comprehensive medication management programs can significantly reduce these costs and improve patient outcomes. A system like Cygenex's "End-to-End Solution"  can oversee this crucial role in ensuring that medication therapies are correctly optimized to produce the best outcomes at the lowest cost.


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