At Cygenex...

...helping others is literally in our DNA. We are a purpose driven organization with the vision to revolutionize healthcare through the power of pharmacogenomics, genetic testing and data analytics

Keep reading to learn more about how we accomplish that. 

Cygenex: We Put Precision in Precision Medicine


Cygenex is a precision medicine company dedicated to delivering best-in-class genetic and Pharmacogenomics (PGx) testing, data analytics, and end-to-end medical management solutions.

Our flagship product is our patent-pending proprietary Risk Stratificaction Software that assesses health risk and provides "actionable" solutions for tested populations.


We leverage our expertise in technology, healthcare, science and data analysis to help our clients improve health, save lives and reduce overall medical spend.  


Our goal is to deliver actionable solutions to help payors, providers and patients make smarter healthcare decisions.



Our company is built on the foundation of service to others. We visualize a world where optimal health is available to all through the power of precision medicine. 



Our vision is to revolutionize healthcare so that the communities we serve are empowered to make smarter healthcare decisions that save lives, improve quality of life, and reduce medical spend.

What's the Cygenex Difference?

Other companies offer PGx testing. Cygenex takes it a step further.

Using our proprietary software solutions, we help our clients identify which individuals who are most at risk for an adverse drug event, hospitalization or ER visit, and provide PGx and clinical genetic testing for them specifically.

Cygenex provides end-to-end management solutions for Third Party Administrators, Brokers and Insurance (Stop Loss) Payors. Schedule a demo with us

In clinical settings, such as Home Health Care, Nursing Homes and with Medicare providersclinical genetic testing is rapidly becoming mainstream. Cygenex provide PGx and genetic testing services to clinicians - as well as the education to interpret the results.


The outcome? Health providers are able to determine the right medication, at the right time, for the right patient. 


We also offer a robust set of clinical DNA tests that evaluate the risk of diseases and certain cancers. Set up a consult with one of our account specialists


Finally, we understand that consumers want to make smarter healthcare decisions, which is why we offer Direct-to-Consumer health and wellness tests.