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We provide precision medicine solutions to improve health outcomes, extend life expectancy and manage cost

What's the Cygenex Difference?

Cygenex is a precision medicine company that specializes in Pharmacogenomics (PGx), testing. Founded in 2021, we work with employer groups, self-funded plans, third-party administrators, health care enterprises, health providers and consumers to help our clients make smarter healthcare decisions.

         THE PROBLEM

  • 85% of healthcare costs are for the care of a chronic condition

  • 50% of US population have a chronic condition

  • $1.2 trillion is spent on healthcare

  • $528.4 Billion annual cost from prescription drug-related Morbidity/Morality

  • Employer healthcare cost are the second largest healthcare expense

        THE IMPACT OF 


  • Over 180,000 people die each year from ADEs 

  • ADEs are the 4th leading cause of death in the U.S.,    6th in the world 3 (Many go unreported) 

  • ADEs cost over $180 billion dollars per year for adults alone

Many prescription drugs are treated as

“one  size fits all”,

but they don't  work

the same way for everyone.

(Source NIH)



“Our platform allows for strategic partnership communication via API’s and securely transmits information between distributed data bases”
  • Proprietary risk stratification
  • Deep dive data analytics
  • Insights based upon findings
  • Genetic Testing
  • Education
  • Provider engagement

Cygenex provides end-to-end management solutions for several types of groups including: Third Party Administrators, Brokers and Insurance (Stop Loss) Payors with our proprietary Risk Stratification and comprehensive data analytics.

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At Cygenex, we work with brokers, self-funded plans, third-party administrators and the like to help manage their member population to lower medical spend. We do this by the following:

  • We use claims data to perform a proven risk stratification to identify high risk members

  • Our end-to-end solution manages the whole process

  • Our aggregate reporting will give you a detailed breakdown of your return on investment

  • Testing can be billed as a medical claim or part of a per member per month program

  • We customize the process for the needs of our clients

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