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Meet Our Team of Experts

Our passion for meaningful change sets us apart and drives us to provide novel solutions for our clients. We also know we owe our success to our team of experts who collaborate together to make each project come to life for our clients and deliver actionable results that improve health outcomes and reduce health care costs.

The Co-Founders  and Visionaries
Charles Clark
Chief Executive Officer

With over 30 years of expertise in technology, operations and team building, Charles is the driving force leading Cygenex towards success. He's widely respected for his ability to draw out the best in his team members.

James Padilla
President & Chief Strategist
  • James Padilla

As Chief Strategist, James focuses on the vision and growth of Cygenex. He has a passion for helping to shape the company for long-term direction and competitive advantage. He has successfully onboarded large payer groups, self-funded plans and third-party administrators. 

Dr. Steven Ross
  • Steven Ross

The consummate educator, Steve is driven by a love for science and making education accessible to all. He also has a knack for photography and research, and formerly worked as a functional health practitioner.

Jade Clark.jpg
The Team
Harry Ramos
Global Sales
Sharyl Loggins
VP of Technology and Product Development
Jade Clark 
Fulfillment Specialist

  • Harry Ramos

Harry is passionate about building business relationships, backed by the power of genetics! 

  • Sharyl Loggins

Seasoned Software Development /Project /Verification and Validation Manager with HIPPA and Agile Scrum certification as well as FDA compliance experience

Jade is passionate about ensuring that our products and services make it into the hands of our customers. 

Anmol Singh
Bio-informatic Developer

Anmol supports Cygenex's database management, analysis tools, and user interfaces for large-scale bioinformatics software and data solutions.

Evan Padilla.jpg
Evan Padilla
Sales and Marketing
  • Evan Padilla

Evan is a graduate of The University of Massachusetts and is currently working on his MBA at the University of Louisiana. Evan believes that fulfilling customer needs through a solid product and service drives growth and prosperous outcomes. 

The Board of Directors
Charles Clark
James Padilla
Dr. Steven Ross
Supreet Singh.jpg
Supreet Singh
Tony Baron
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