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Slow the Hands of Time with 

Your Individualized and Innovative Healthy Aging Program from Cygenex

Did You Know

 Your Genes Account for up to 25%
of the Variance in Longevity?

How you age and how quickly you age are coded in your genes.


A study published in the peer reviewed journal immunity & aging reveals what many suspect - your genome accounts for up to a 25% variance in the aging process. 


That's where CyRenew can help you learn about your genes, and with this information, you can determine the optimal longetivy strategies for you.

Look and feel your most vibrant and youthful with the information from CyRenew, based on your unique DNA.*

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You're Never to Old to Look and Feel Your Best with CyRenew*

With the latest genomic technology, any health management program that does not take an individual’s genetic profile into account is simply guesswork.


CyRenew unlocks the keys to aging and longevity and provides you with the only guidelines you will ever need to slow the hands of time.*

Order CyRenew below. Your future awaits!

What Recommendations Can You Expect From Your CyRenew Report?


Discover your motivation to exercise, sleep duration, sugar intake response, impulse control, taste preferences with aging and more.

For a deeper dive into exercise tolerance, check out CyPerform.


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Discover how your skin and face ages, sun sensitivity,  fat loss response to cardio, stretch marks, skin glycation and more.


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Discover how aging effects your mental acuity, age-related hearing loss, longevity, systemic inflammation, insulin response to fat, cholesteral response to fat and more. 

For an extensive analysis of nutrition, health and wellness, check out CySlim.

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How to Order CyRenew

Step 1 Order CyRenew below

Your kit will arrive in approx 3-6 business days

Step 2 Perform the simple swabs at home

Use the prepaid package to send back

Step 3 Get your results in 4-6 weeks **


Start making smarter health decisions based on your unique DNA

*Results vary from individual to individual. Your success depends on the lifestyle, diet, exercise and nutrition changes you make upon receiving your DNA results.

**Time starts upon receipt of your sample by our lab.

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