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"Healthcare professionals will increasingly use knowledge about genomics to meet the needs of their patients."

-National Institute of Health-Human Genome Research Institute

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Could Your Patients Benefit From Genetic Testing?

Clinical genetic testing is rapidly becoming mainstream. It can help determine the right medication, evaluate the risk of diseases, and assess the risk of certain cancers. 


In clinical settings, such as Home Health Care, Nursing Homes and Medicare providers, clinical genetic testing is rapidly becoming mainstream.


At Cygenex, we partner with health providers two ways: offering a range of clinical genetic tests to help you determine the right medication for your patients, and to evaluate the risk of certain diseases and cancers.

We also invite you to explore our CME program to earn credits in Pharmacogenomics through the University of Pittsburg.

Did You Know?

Studies have shown that increasing practitioner's familiarity with genetics would benefit their patients by up to 97%. 

Cygenex has partnered with University of Pittsburg to bring practitioners the latest in clinical genomic medicine. 


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What are The Benefits of Testing Your Patients?
  • Determine the right medication

  • Determine the right dosage

  • Reduce adverse drug reactions

  • Simplify decision making

  • Avoid trial and error prescribing

  • Avoid downstream ER and hospital visits

  • Improve outcomes

  • Improve patient care

  • Improve cost effectiveness

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