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Are You At Risk for an
Adverse Drug Reaction?

phar·​ma·​co·​ge·​no·​mics | fär-mə-kō-jē-ˈnō-miks

Pharmacogenomics (PGx) is a subset of precision medicine and the study of how you respond to drugs, based on your unique DNA.

How Can Pharmacogenomics (PGx) Help You Make Smarter Healthcare Decision? 

In some cases, your DNA can affect whether you have a bad reaction to a drug or whether a drug helps you or has no effect.


Pharmacogenomics can improve your health by helping you know ahead of time whether a drug is likely to benefit you and be safe for you to take.


Knowing this information can help your doctor find medicine that will work best for you.

Partial list of the PGx testing benefits

  • Maximize the intended use of a medication or treatment​

  • Reduce adverse drug reactions

  • Speed time to achieving the therapeutic benefit of a drug

  • Decrease the chance of side effects or dependency

  • Identify the most appropriate and affordable drug the first time

  • Decrease adverse drug reactions early in treatment and positively impact hospital length of stay, hospital readmissions, and emergency room visits

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