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DNA: The Missing Keys in Healthy Aging, Losing Weight and Living With Vigor

Updated: May 17, 2022

Cygenex Announces the Launch of Four New Genetic Tests for the Whole Family

Do you exercise regularily and still can’t seem to shed that excess jiggle in your middle?

Do your workouts leave you feeling exhausted rather than energized?

Are you noticing the effects of time and want to maintain your youthful vigor and appearance?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're not alone. We now know that the key to losing weight, optimizing health, improving performance and turning back the clock can be found in your DNA. The medical truth is that knowing certain information about your uinque biology can help you make smarter healthcare decisions, today and going forward.

How can Genetic Testing Help You Making Smarter Healthcare Decisions?

You are unique and your genes hold the keys to your health. Gone are the days of one size fits all when it comes to lifestyle, diet and nutrition, health, wellness and aging gracefully.

You now can leverage the power of simple genetic tests that provide you the information you need to help you be more proactive. You can lose more weight and keep it off, improve athletic performance, support healthy aging and optimal nutrition, all based on your unique genetic codes.

If you're interested in learning more, you are in good company; three out of four people would take a genetic test if it helped them develop effective and personalized health plans.

Four New Genetic Tests from Cygenex

We’re pleased to announce the release of four new, convenient, and cost-effective genetic tests that can be done in the comfort of your own home: CySlim, CyRenew, CyPerform and CyNutrient.

CySlim: Look your best without the frustrations of another fad diet

CySlim is a weight management program that provides you with a customized diet and exercise strategy based upon your unique genetics.

This test takes the guesswork out of the foods and exercise and provides recommendations best suited to you based on your DNA. The results? Find the best way to achieve a healthy weight that you can maintain without the struggles of yo-yo dieting, complicated shopping lists, and excess money spent on programs that don't work.

CyRenew: You're never to old to look and feel your best

CyRenew is an innovative healthy aging program that utilizes your genetic profile to provide nutrient, food, activity, and lifestyle recommendations to keep you looking and feeling young longer.

Recently published research has linked numerous aging signs to genetic predisposition, and many of these indications may be addressed with DNA-based lifestyle changes.

CyPerform: Hit your workout goals without missing a stride

Knowing your genetic predisposition gives you important information about the best nutrition, workout, and supplement regimens for you.

What's more, knowing this information can improve your performance and maybe even help you minimize the risk for sports injuries. For average athletes wanting to be good and good athletes wanting to be great, CyPerform provides you with the food, nutrient, and training recommendations to allow you to reach your potential.

CyNutrient: Eating the right nutrients in the right amount, for you

CyNutrient provides a comprehensive analysis of your genetic predisposition to absorbing micronutrients in your diet. Even if you eat a perfectly balanced diet with plenty of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, most of us have some difficulty in absorbing one or more micronutrients at the cellular level. Understanding your genetic profile for how your body likely processes key vitamins and minerals is an important step in developing a healthy nutrition program.

Schedule a Free Consult

Cygenex’ at-home DNA test kits provide a broad spectrum of information about your health, traits, and lineage—along with easy instructions on simple changes you can make to hit your strideoptions that allow you to improve your health and wellness. The good news is that once you have this information, you can use it for your lifetime!

Want to schedule a free 15-minute consult to find out which tests may be right for you? Contact us at You can also order these tests here.

About Cygenex: Helping others is literally in our DNA. We are a purpose driven organization with the vision to revolutionize healthcare through the power of pharmacogenomics, genetic testing and data analytics.


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