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Are You Prepared for

Precision Medicine?

"So we need two things: first, we need ways of predicting and detecting disease well before it becomes life threatening; and second, we need medicines that work for you and your unique body."

Pieter Cullis

physicist and biochemist

university of british columbia

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Precision Medicine Education for Providers

As a healthcare professional, you face substantial challenges in utilizing genetic information, namely translating genetic risk into clinical action (Christensen et al., 2016). 


That is why we are committed to advancing education in the field of precision medicine through free webinars and partnerships with organizations providing education for clinicians. 


CME Accredited Program

In partnership with the University of Pittsburgh, we offer the following CME accredited program: The Future of Genetics in Medicine, Clinical Genetics and Genomics for Health Practitioners.

Accredited Courses in Genomic Medicine

Together with several educational institutions and organizations we have compiled some of the most trusted resources in genomic medicine courses.

Click below for more information.

Genetic Testing Webinars

We offer free webinars on genetic testing, pharmacogenomics, and more, with more offerings added monthly. 

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