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Cygenex Risk Stratification

Cygenex Risk Stratum significantly reduces the risk and cost associated with adverse drug effects of your member population, all while improving decision making more precise for the treating physician and pharmacist.


Cygenex offers a complete risk management solution that includes member/patient data analysis of your population and model assessment capabilities.


How We Accomplish This:


Cygenex assigns your member group a risk analysis using both quantitative and qualitative data – to gain greater insight into your organization’s risk concentrations. Our analysis is based on your claims data, including member prescriptions which is cross referenced with most current Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC®) list of medications utilizing only the most valid, scientific literature and evidence-based studies to determine those members that will benefit most from our Pharmacogenetics’ (PGx) tests.

Gain greater insight into your risk concentrations and how you can reduce risk of your members health

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