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We Put Precision in Precision Medicine


Genetic testing looks for changes, sometimes called mutations or variants, in your DNA. Genetic testing is useful in many areas of medicine and healthcare and can change the way your health care practitioner cares for you or your family.


Genetic results can often be intimidating to read and understand. Our genetic counselors will walk you through the whole report and give you a clear understanding of what your results mean and what action you can take.    

Cygenex Risk Stratum significantly reduces the risk and cost associated with adverse drug effects of your member population, all while improving decision making more precise for the treating physician and pharmacist.


Rest assured that we take security and privacy seriously. We have taken advanced measures to secure ALL transport of data to members, administrators, pharmacy dispensers and providers.


Cygenex coordinates the whole testing process. Swabbing can be conveniently done either at an employer site or in the privacy of one's home. The test can be performed in under 5 minutes.


As part of the healthcare continuum Cygenex keeps the treating provider in the members "loop of health." All reports are delivered to the member's practitioner so meaningful change can occur.


PBM Integration

Our software seamlessly integrates with PBM's to ensure systematic medication coordination post pharmacogenomics testing, optimizing treatment outcomes.

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