Live Your Best Life
with genetic tests for the whole family

What's the Cygenex Difference?

Cygenex is a precision medicine company that specializes in Pharmacogenomics (PGx), genetic testing and data analytics.

Founded in 2021, we work with employee groups, health providers and consumers to help our clients make smarter healthcare decisions.

Live Your Best Life 
with health and wellness tests
for the whole family

Your genes hold the keys to your health. Thanks to non-clinical genetics tests from Cygenex, you can lose weight, improve athletic performance, support healthy aging and optimal nutrition, all based on your unique biology.  ​

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Manage Risk

with proprietary risk stratification and data analytics for your employee groups

Cygenex provides end-to-end management solutions for Third Party Administrators, Brokers and Insurance (Stop Loss) Payors with our proprietary Risk Stratification and comprehensive data analytics.

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Enhance Your Practice

with pharmacogenomics and
genetic tests from Cygenex

In clinical settings, such as Home Health Care, Nursing Homes and Medicare providers, clinical genetic testing is rapidly becoming mainstream.


At Cygenex, we collaborate with health providers by offering genetic testing solutions, education, CME programming and wholesale business opportunities.  Click below to learn more about our offerings for health professionals.

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