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What's the Cygenex Difference?

Cygenex is a precision medicine company that has created a proprietary risk-stratification platform. We identify high risk individuals who could benefit from Pharmacogenomics (PGx) genetic testing to improve healthcare outcomes and lower medical spend. 

Founded in 2021, we work with employer groups, healthcare brokers, self-funded plans, third-party administrators, and physicians to help make smarter healthcare decisions.

Our Mission: To revolutionize healthcare through the power of pharmacogenomics, genetic testing, and data analytics.


  • 1.2 trillion dollars are spent annually by employers on healthcare

  • Employer healthcare cost is the 2nd largest expense

  • 50% of the population has a chronic healthcare condition

  • 85% of healthcare cost are for the care of a chronic condition

  • $528 billion are spent on prescription drugs annually that are attributed to morbidity and mortality


"Many prescription drugs are treated as

one  size fits all”,

but they don't  work

the same way for everyone.

(Source NIH)



With our end-to-end solution, we’ve slashed the financial burden on employers, self-funded plans, third-party administrators and stop-loss where the numbers are the ultimate truth-tellers. We reduce healthcare cost by the following.
  • Proprietary Risk Stratification to ID risk

  • Deep dive data analytics and insights to understand trends

  • Plan of action based on trends

  • Genetic testing to find the right medication

  • Education for all those involved

  • Provider engagement

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Our end-to-end solution has been time tested and has produced cost savings for healthcare brokers, self-funded plans, third-party administrators, stop-loss and the like. Our platform seamlessly integrates into most systems producing improved outcomes and ultimately a return on investment. 


We work with healthcare brokers, self-funded plans, third-party administrators and stop-loss carriers. 
  • We use claims data to perform a proven risk-stratification to identify high risk members

  • Our end-to-end solution manages the whole process

  • Our aggregate reporting has a detailed breakdown of return on investment

  • Testing can be billed as a medical claim or as a per member per month program

  • We can customize the process according to the needs of our clients

“We utilize genetic data for better health outcomes and cost savings”
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