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"We utilize genetic data for better health outcomes and cost savings"


Cygenex is a precision medicine company utilizing the latest in genetic testing. We help organizations manage their member population through risk assessmentgenomic sequencing, and event cycling. Our touchpoints bring key players into the healthcare continuum and ultimately builds member rapport, better outcomes, reduced risk, and significantly lowers your healthcare spend. 

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Our patent pending platform is designed for reducing risk and saving you money. Through our unique process, we can identify risks and implement crucial touch points to create meaningful change to your members and to you. This allows member groups to efficiently manage and make better health decisions, which ultimately means cost savings.

Genetic testing looks for changes in your DNA that could have a significant impact on your health and your medical care. The testing process is simple, safe and secure.

We identify members most in need of testing. We use key indicators combined with scientific guidelines to take action. This improves decision making for the treating physician and pharmacist.  

Understanding how your genes play a role in your health is crucial to your well being. Cygenex provides members and providers information necessary to take an active role in the delivery of healthcare.

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What Our Clients Say

“When I saw what genetic testing could potentially do with our annual  drug spend I was absolutely floored with the numbers and was on board to take action.”

Loren S.

"Cygenex has certainly given our employees options to help take control of their health and wellness.  We are now rolling out their program nationwide.”

Matthew M.

“We have used wellness programs in the past with little to no results. This approach is unlike anything we have used before and we are already seeing better outcomes and cost effectiveness. 

Danielle B.