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Why Genetic Testing? 

Genetic testing can be used as a key component for prevention, early detection and treatment of disease. 

Keep reading to learn the benefits of genetic testing, whether you are an employer group, health professional or consumer.

The Benefits of Genetic Testing

At Cygenex, helping others is literally in our DNA.


We are a purpose driven organization with the vision to revolutionize healthcare through the power of phrmacogenomics, genetic testing and data analytics.


Which begs the question: Why should you consider genetic testing for your team, employees or family?


Genetic testing can be used as a key component for prevention, early detection and treatment of disease. It allows for the use of the most effective treatment options and avoiding dangerous and sometimes fatal drug side effects.  It has been shown to empower healthier lifestyles, increase employee moral and lower healthcare cost.

‍Genetic testing is the key to making smarter, more informed healthcare decisions, regardless of your age or life circumstances. 

Below are additional benefits. Want to learn more? Schedule a free consult with a member of our team.


Save Lives

It's important that employees understand their risk for diseases and even how their body responds to medication. This knowledge will help them develop a  proactive risk management plan with their healthcare provider.


Enhanced Employee Experience

Research shows a majority of employees want to know if they have a genetic marker that may allow them to better work with their physician to proactively manage risks or direct specific treatment plans to improve their health outcomes.


Lower Healthcare Spend

Clinical Utility is the usefulness of a test  that can result in the way a doctor manages a patient to and improve outcomes. Studies have shown that  genetic testing can improve quality of life and reduce overall healthcare spend.