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Cygenex, a Leader in Pharmacogenomics Testing, Announces Charles Clark As New CEO

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Clark brings vast experience in technology development and strategic planning to precision medicine industry

Cygenex New CEO

Cygenex, Inc. announced today that Charles Clark was selected by the founding partners and the executive board to assume the role of Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately.

“Charles’ appointment is an exciting milestone in a plan that the founding partners and the executive board has been working on for some time”, says Dr. Steven Ross and Dr. James Padilla, cofounders and managing partners.

Charles has held the COO position since 2020 and is a seasoned, forward thinking leader, experienced in strategic planning, and in portfolio project management of large to small-scale organizations. He is adept at critically analyzing client needs to implement the appropriate governance system for the organization.

New Perspective, Established Experience

During his 30+ years of technology experience, Charles has served in various roles as: CAD/CAM Designer, Software Developer, Software Development Manager, and Director/Sr. Director of Program Management Organizations, managing project portfolios ranging from 24 million to 1 billion dollars in annual revenue.

Clark has worked for Fortune 100 information management companies including AT&T Bell Laboratories, Motorola, European Aeronautics Defense and Space Company (EADS), and Johnson Controls. Charles’s depth of knowledge in various technology industries ranging from Telephony, Public Safety, Biometrics, Retail, Healthcare, and Biometrics is well known globally.

About Cygenex

Cygenex, Inc. provides innovative solutions for healthcare organizations seeking to introduce precision medicine to their members with the goal of improving health and health outcomes. Utilizing propriety patent-pending software, the company is able to provide precise risk analysis to her customers. Cygenex incorporates specialized lab testing, genomics, informatics, and education to help both small and large healthcare organizations, clinics and hospitals improve their patient outcomes, lower costs, and increase revenue.

Charles Clark, CEO stated “Cygenex is impacting the market with its end-to-end solutions by connecting providers with resources. Our proprietary platform assists in the patient care continuum, along with data analytics to help manage patient population groups, educate physicians, and lower healthcare spend”.

Health care is undergoing a massive renovation thanks to technology, and Cygenex, Inc. Charles Clark, CEO is influencing the market to ensure that part of this change results in greater efficiency, coordination, and improved care.


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